API Barite

API Barite is a high purity barite (Barium Sulphate) in powder form. It is an inert material and fully conforms to either API standard 13A i.e., specific gravity of 4.10 minimum, 3% residue on a 200- mesh screen maximum, 5% residue on a 325-mesh screen minimum etc.

API Barite is a very pure grade barite and is inert. It will not cause any abnormal increase or other changes in the rheological properties of the mud. The product is readily dispersible. Therefore, no special care is required when weighting up a mud system.

API Barite is used for increasing the density of aqueous as well as oil base drilling fluids. API Barite is packed in 40 Kg export quality paper bags and in 1500 Kg Big Bag.


Physical Properties

Description Gray color free flowing powder
Specific Gravity 4.10 – 4.12
Boiling point ( Deg C ) Decomposes > 1595
Melting point ( Deg C ) about 1580
Solubility in water (Kg/m3) < 0.0025
Particle size (Micron) 2-75
Barium Sulphate >90%
Silica Content 2.20 – 3.00%

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