Bentonite – API

Bentonite – API is a Drilling Grade Non-Treated Bentonite clay, composed principally of the mineral Smectite. It is dried and ground powder but not chemically treated. It can also contain accessory minerals like Quartz, Mica, Silica, Feldsper and Calcite. It is guaranteed to conform to API specification 13A.

Bentonite – API is an effective viscosifier and water loss control agent for freshwater muds. The yield of Bentonite – API is 91 barrels minimum and the API filtration loss would be 15 ml maximum at 22.5 ppb

Bentonite – API should be added to the mud system to economically build viscosity, gel strength and to reduce the API fluid loss.

When adding to mud systems containing a high chloride content, it is recommended that Bentonite – API be pre-hydrated in fresh water before addition to the system.

Bentonite – API is packed in 1000 Kg export quality Jumbo bags and also in bulk. Other packings are also available on request.

Physical Properties

Description Light brown powder
Density(kg/m3) 2600- 2700
Solubility in water (Kg/m3) Soluble
PH 7 – 8
Particle size 60 Mesh
Dispersed Filtrate Volume 12.5 ml (Max)

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