Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a high purity calcium carbonate. It is a white powder with a specific gravity of 2.7 approx.

Calcium Carbonate is used for weighting of any aqueous and oil base drilling fluids. It is primarily suitable for use in completion or workover fluids as it is acid soluble and can be removed from the producing formations. The product is also useful as a weighting agent, for drilling muds, where formation blockage or damage is a concern.

Calcium Carbonate is packed in 100 lb./ 50 Kg export quality paper bags and in bulk.

Physical Properties

Description White Powder
Density(kg/m3) 2700-2950
Boiling point ( Deg C ) Decomposes
Melting point ( Deg C ) 8250C
Solubility in water (Kg/m3) Negligible

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